Monday, February 8, 2010

who gon' check me boo?

when someone shows you who they are, you must believe them...because if a guy tells you he is an ass hole, 9 times out of 10 he is an ass hole.
this post is not necessarily about a guy--but more or less about the actions of this guys other girl...SO, my question college when is it okay to be serious? and how do you know if your really serious? See me, Im the type to not ask questions--i just go with the flow...I've never felt like I had to mark my territory or express that im the one...because if your really the one like you think you are---that shit wouldn't need to be expressed. So who gon' check me boo? But now I must ask myself---is it my fault because I don't ask questions...should I ask questions when i'am not looking for monogamy? I don't want to be committed. I want it all with out the title...I don't want to be anyones girlfriend anytime soon...but I don't want to be a #sidelinechick, especially when I thought you weren't looking for monogamy either...but clearly you weren't looking for monogamy with me because you already had it with her...and thats probably why I should ask questions...because now someone feels like they can #checkme...and it aint going down like that...
I feel like im playing a different game than most...You say you want a girl who does not ask questions...does not sweat you...does not stalk...but when you get that girl who does everything you asked want the girl who is always doing something want the girl who's sweating you, stalking you and asking all the want the girl who's checking another girl over you but you don't claim makes no sense to me....but who gon' check me boo?
So, im starting to think that- YOU, don't know what you want everything except the shit you asked for plus what you asked for...

part 2 in the A.M.