Friday, February 12, 2010

the bbm that broke us up lol

So originally I was writing this blog about "my new found friend" who is now my "ex-friend"...he is my "ex friend" because he broke our friendship up via bbm...this blog is for no one but
but when does texting become to much? does it become to much when you intended on it to be more? if your a boy and im a girl and we exchanged contact information, where you honestly just trying to be my friend..because honestly i thought you were gonna be a really good friend and all of our conversations are the now you decided you don't wanna be my friend because "i don't want you to like me" how do you know? i mean im not saying that i do but i just don't believe thats a valid excuse for unfriending me...i mean im a firm believer in just going with the flow, whatever happens, happens...but you are like cancelling out all of our friendship future. that is dumb. real dumb. and i have nothing else to say about you because im sleepy...

so basically i dont want you to break our friendship up before we are friends forreal dang