Tuesday, February 2, 2010

slow dance

when was the last time you slow danced... i was reading about this on one of my favorite blogs www.untiligetmarried.com/2010/01/26/bring-back-the-slow-dance/ and I realized i've never slow danced. I danced with my father, my brothers, my deceased aunt and my mom. But i HAVE NEVER danced slowly with a man, or even a boy for that matter. Before Howard, I did not dance. I repeat BEFORE HOWARD I DID NOT DANCE. But since HU, ive been juking, dutty winding and all of the other dances that have corrupted me... but i've never slow danced...and I wonder why... I hate to reiterate what I read in that blog-- but where is the slow dancing music...I can not slow dance to Gucci- Lemondade...The only thing my nieces probably know about slow dancing is daddy-daughter dances...and I wonder will my 1st time slow dancing be at something for my wedding...im trying to think if I slow-danced at Prom with Jason...i think he was too cool...i think he swayed with me...but I don't think we got on the dance floor when they played Justin Timberlake ft Beyonce- Until the End of Time remix...(this was the prom song, it was OUR song) I think he was standing behind me whispering in my ear about how we'd be together forever...hahaha!! i have to rewind to Prom...My prom was AMAZING...but back to slow dancing...I want to slow dance, someone dance with me slow. There doesn't even have to be music playing...I just wanna slow dance. I feel like thats gonna be special...

Miss Understood <3