Saturday, February 6, 2010


Who is as bored as I am???
What is there to do in the snow??
These are the 10 things that I would do in the snow if I was amazingly cool...
1.Read a good book....maybe do some homework if thats not pushing it...because who wants to be snowed in doing homework...that is NOT the business
2.CLEAN all the cleaning that you've been meaning to do...
3. Have a glass of wine... a drinking much can you drink with out passing out....
4. Skype
5. Call your parents...
6. Go sledding...release your inner child
7. Just go back to sleep...
8.Shovel Snow
9. Watch stupid people get stuck in the snow..
10. Be nice and help the stupid people get out the snow
11. Take Pictures...who will ever believe you got stuck in 28 inches of snow
pssss...11 was a bonus