Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i just had an ephipany

and NO, I do not need to go to Tiffany's...i need to grow up

Im going thru this Peter Pan stage..Every since i turned 20 i've been thinking that these years are about to start flying...and I don't know what the hell I'am going to do. I liked being 19. 19 although young, is just like you have your whole life ahead of you; Now 20 is staring at me like "Bitch, get a job. GROW UP. Stop playing." And Im not so receptive to my 20's as I thought would be. I don't care about my 1st drink, my 1st time in the casino--been there done that. Im talking about my 1st time as a GROWN UP. Like after college, get a spot, pay bills, cook dinner type school....WHATT??? I remember when I was 10 and my sister was 19, I used to think she was so GROWN. But now im not as grown as she was. Shit, now she not as grown as I thought she was. Being a grown up, is something we aspire for..No, not me. Someone come take care of me. Lol. With all seriousness. Im spoiled with being young. I think thats why I decided to name the blog "Forever Young".

ill be back with more of this....
and remember im forever gonna keep it 103


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Finally, Lo wrote a post!

But anyway.

Have you ever seen someone, and been so intrigued by the way they look that you didn't want to get to know them, for fear that they might not even be who you thought they would be. Some people don't understand what I mean by that. But to me its so clear. I like the way you look, I like the way you smile. I don't want this to be more than that because what if its not genuine. What if your smile is fake and your pain was real? What if your look was a small piece of who you weren't? I don't want to get to know you because I just want to look at you. Its like a fine piece of jewelry. it can be so beautiful, but its just not your style. What happens when we go beyond just looking and I realize that I don't like anything about you. I think thats why I like guys who are a little bit rough around the edges. I don't know what to expect... Being that I am 20 now (and im so mature) I look for different attributes in a guy. Well technically -I don't look for guys- but you know what I mean.

1. I like a Man who makes me feel beautiful
2. Someone who makes me laugh
3. Someone who gives me a new outlook
4. Someone who inspires me
5. Someone who is exactly who they say they are

It's ok, We Got Time

There is no way we can escape the fact that there are so many double standards in our society. I like to believe that "Parents raise their daughters and love their sons."With this being said, Girls experience a sense of over-protection by their parents because the way parents raise their sons. It goes hand and hand, one is definitely dependent on the other. The son that gets to stay out till 3am in high school is in turn the boy my parents were trying to keep me away from. Yet my brother was one of those boys. Of course you would like to say that this is unfair, but it is what it is. From a young age, boys are always asked how MANY girlfriends do you have? So in a sense monogamy is considered a joke from the very beginning. So how does this apply to us young adults? As a female you must realize that Men want to have every experience under the sun before they choose to settle down. You may be the perfect chick for him, but the timing is all wrong. I always say "There is NO point BEFORE 30" Why? Because until this time men and women don't really know what they like, We just know what we think we would like in a potential Husband and/or wife. It is almost certain in many cases that most divorces are between couples that got married in their 20's . Why you ask? Because you are still growing and don't really know yourself. As a female we deal with or biological clock and the "I want to be married with kids before 30" thoughts. Is it wrong to have these thoughts? NO, they are normal. But what I would say is don't drive yourself nuts trying to find a husband now! I am a believer in GOD, and I know that if I am suppose to have a loving marriage with children etc. I WILL! Everything has been pre-ordained for each and every one of us, So have fun! Am I saying not to have serious relationships in your 20's? Absolutely not! Serious relationships in your 20's are a good thing and definitely a learning experience. You learn about yourself and other people only to prepare you for Mr. or Mrs. Right. So embrace dating, break-ups, and being single. Its a part of life!

Yours Truly,

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 23, 2010

So finally Im 20 and it feels like any other day lol

I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.
Marilyn Monroe

I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it.
Marilyn Monroe

Bad Bitches no Muzzzle

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


dear you,

all i need from you is honesty. i don't want a fancy car or fancy lies that come along with your fancy lifestyle. i don't need you to feed me a dream, i just need you to be you. if you are afraid that i won't like the you who you are when your being you than i don't like you. i don't need the fancy things in life--but i do like the fancy things in life. but from you i don't need any of it. from you i need time, i need respect, i need conversation, i need laughter, i need stability and consistency...from you i need you...i hate that we have crossed this path when everything you say to me sounds like a lie because i don't trust you. i hate that you and i became an us when we should have just stayed as separate as could be...i don't wanna hate you, i don't wanna love you. i don't want anything from you. because if you can't be you while your with me than you don't deserve for me to be me when im with you.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Date Text

Having someone wonder where you are when you don't come home at night is a very old human need. ~Margaret Mead

So today, I get a text... It reads
'how would u feel if i told u i was tryna take u out this wknd' well honestly I'm hype. I don't think any one has asked me on a date in a long time... The problem I have with this is that I was so hype to get asked on a date by a nice guy who actually told me I was going to go out with him via text. And get this when I told him I'd go because I haven't been asked out on a date in forever he said 'that's odd, you are beautiful. Somebody gotta be askin you out' why do guys always say that? Clearly if I said no one has asked me out- they haven't asked me out. I know in this new day and age texting is the same as calling but I want a call. Now I'm still hype that he asked and I'm thinking about going because I like him as a person. The issue is not with him, the issue is with my generation. Why are there so many means of communication? And forget that if I go on this date how am I going to act? Lol, what are we gonna do? Are we gonna go out to eat? Movies? Museum? I don't know, like im utterly I don't do dates at "the crib"...Make me feel does not have to be expensive impress me...I won't congratulate a man for doing what he is supposed to do... for example: opening doors, pulling out chairs, complimenting, and definitely paying. I say definitely in the most non-gold-digger way, a MAN should want to feel like a man and take a woman out. Well at least thats what my daddy says...

Miss Understood

Monday, January 18, 2010

Love Jones

Nina Mosley: You always want what you want when you want it. Why is everything so urgent with you?
Darius Lovehall: Let me tell you somethin'. This here, right now, at this very moment, is all that matters to me. I love you. That's urgent like a motherfucker.

WOWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Where are the men like Darius Lovehall? Im watching Love Jones right now and all I can think about where are these black men. The black man who is interested in LOVE? Interested in chasing what they want...Is it my fault that men don't chase me? Lol, that was really a serious question. I like to think that I am a young lady who should be chased. I actually like the cat and mouse game that we play...but MOST guys I meet say that they want the chase until I present the chase. When presented with the chase, they say Im playing hard to get. Im playing hard to get because:
1. I won't sleep with you.
2. I don't always say yes.
3. You thought that you should only chase for a weekend and by Monday we'd be SEXING?

I want to meet a man who is so secure in his manhood that he has better things to think about than sex like:
1. Who am I?
2. What makes me happy?
3. What do we have in common?
4. What are my dreams and aspirations?
5. What are the small things that make me smile?

My father always says we live in a "Microwave society" we want everything now. But as a WOMAN I need a man who is interested in more than just SEX because if you sleep with me on the first date, you sleep with every other woman you meet on the first date. And Im not going out like that. Honestly, as a MAN you shouldn't want to go out like that either because if a WOMAN will sleep with you on the first date how many other men will she sleep with on the first date. I heard a woman say that Men are conquerors. And I whole-heartedly agree but wouldn't you rather be a conqueror of something you had to work for? But don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with sleeping with someone on the first date if thats where it goes (USE A CONDOM)... I think when a woman meets a man--instantly she knows if she feels a connection and she knows if its instantly all about sex or if she's about to make this man ---who is potentially gonna be her man wait for it....and wait for it....and wait for it, nope he still can't get it. I mean you get the point, when a woman likes a man- or at least when I like a man--I mean really like a man; Im talking about being completely smitten by the way that he breathes, the way that he says your name, the way your phone lights up when he calls you, the way he smiles when you walk up, the way you say his name, the way in which he's been gone for 5 hours and you can still smell him and its only been 2 weeks. Damn, I wish I could feel that way about somebody lol. When a woman feels this way and again maybe this is just me Sex is the first and last thing on her/my mind. Don't worry im about to explain: when I like a man of course I imagine what sex will be like but in my mind I know that sex will mess everything up. Sex is the demise of all things good lol, no but seriously once we sleep together I am YOUR WOMAN...LOL. And you better not sleep with me if tomorrow I aint gonna be your woman. I mean CLEARLY you have allowed me to catch all of these feelings and you are ACTING like you feel the same way (because a man can be in love with you from the time he walks into your house until the time he leaves, once he leave he may be in love with a whole new woman) The reason that sex is the last thing on my mind is because I want him to wait. I want it to be more than just sex; i want it to be as mentally stimulating as it is physically. I want this man to know if he asked me to walk to Africa with him i'd be there by his side. I want this man to make ME feel like if I need to swim to the other side of the world he'd be there as my life guard making sure i'd never drown. I really want to say that I want this man to be my husband, but I don't think that im talking about husbands talking about that POTENTIAL boyfriend who may be my HUSBAND. Should we sleep with potential husbands before marriage? Thats a whole totally different subject. lol, maybe that will be my next post.

*side note-- what the hell was Nina thinking for going out with Hollywood (bill bellamy's character)...Nina, that was so dumb. I am mad at her for the next 20 minutes in the movie...did she honestly think it was ok to date his frenemy???? She should have known when his weak ass drove up in that hearse that he was NO GOOD. Definately not better that Mr. Lovehall.

back to the scheduled program--

So my question is- is the chase over? will you chase me? and if your chasing me, how long is to long? I need answers. Should you be chasing until SEX? Im getting frustrated so i'll be back.

Forever Young,

Miss Understood

Sunday, January 17, 2010

the head spin

So when you come home from the club do not fall asleep if you can stay up especially if your head is spinning. it is crazy how you can be in the club and not realize that you are gone until you get home in your bed eating a burrito from chipotle and you temporary close your eyes and there it is the head spin! why is my head spinning? what makes alcohol do that to you? was it really that damn fun that now your head is spinning? LMAO! I may be spinning so im trying to write so i don't have to pray to the porcelain god.!

Miss UNderstood


I think sometimes I forgot how blessed I truly am. I think we all forget how blessed we are...I remember seeing Precious and leaving the movie theatre thanking God for the life that I live. but why did it take for me to see someone suffer to realize how perfect God is. I mean everyone has a struggle but I feel like you have to be able to come to whoever you believe in rather it be God or Allah to say thank you for the tears you shed and for the smile you smiled. This was just on my heart, just imagine what our brothers and sisters in Haiti are going through. God Bless them...God Bless us....What I think i forget sometimes is that my worst day is someone else's best day.

So with that being said...remember that your blessed even when your stressed

Blessed Forever,

Miss Understood

Can boys and girls be friends?

I just honestly have to VENT... So this boy T* sends me a message like my girlfriend wants me to call you...Wait! What? Call me? What the hell for? Your girlfriend wants to call me because she's insecure about her position in yalls relationship? I know its random, I have not talked to this guy in like a year and then he starts skyping me and now his girlfriend is jealous. Is she jealous or trying to mark her territory? Me and T were friends for about 5 years and then he gets a girlfriend and all of our ties had to be cut off because she does not want him to have female friends. I mean seriously I am NOTORIOUS for having male best friends until they get girlfriends. Girlfriends never like me. I think its because I was there first and they feel like Women and Men can not be friends. Now let me get this straight i am no HOME WRECKER. I am strictly talking about friendships-platonic between the female and the male.

What makes a girl so insecure? I can admit to being insecure in a relationship and that is exactly why I am single. I don't want to have to look through your phone every time you leave out the room. I'm so over that. I'm so over wondering why you have to walk out the room to answer this phone call when you have never left the room before. I am over wondering if when you say your gonna be with the boys, that your really with a girl.. At this point in my life I feel like if a man makes me feel like I have to snoop through his phone he really isn't my man. More than likely he is someone else's man. I've been in a situation when I thought someone was my man and he was also every other girls man.

I feel like guys and girls can be friends. Simply, because I have two very close male friends and I've never wanted more than friendship from them. I feel like my male friends are such ass holes to the girls that they date that I'd rather be the home girl than the "girl" any day. Ive seen one girl be stationary at the house for a week and then as soon as she leaves another girl is there getting the same attention the last girl was getting. Home girl please believe I don't want your man. but the young lady in me knows I can't take anything that belongs to you. But I don't even want anyone else's man, when God places a man in my life I want him to be MINE and All MINE. And if he has female friends from previous years I can't be mad.

Rules of the girl
best friend!

1. Girl best friends have to be from way back when, he can't meet her the same day he met his current girlfriend and call her his best friend. It just won't work. That means she was option #2.

2. As a girl best friend you can not walk around like b@#$h I'm his woman--because clearly you are not. You are his best friend.. (signs that you are more than a friend to come shortly), you have to be respectful, because as the new girlfriend she does not really know what your position is. I wouldn't say go out your way to make her feel comfortable but don't go out your way to make her feel uncomfortable.

3. As a girl best friend I would not say become best friends with the new girlfriend. Because this situation will be tricky; she will think you have loyalty to her but your loyalty is to your best friend.

4. Do not. I repeat, do not fall in love with your boy best friend. The girl who falls in love is the girl who ruins it forever. You and him will never be friends like before; I have no explanation just don't do it!!!

More to come...

Forever Young,

Miss Understood

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Checking-

Song for this post: Mariah Carey- Betcha gon know

So we spend everyday together and here comes the lies--"I love you and i wanna take this to the next level". As my Lili would say "Do youuuuuuu?" I don't understand why men, boys (because they are all one in the same) feel like they have to lie in order to get what they want, if they already have it? I don't think that i will ever understand men. I mean you say one thing and you do the complete opposite so i am going to give you ladies a little opposite day translation...More to waiting on my Co-blogger Lo. Lo is on the beach chilling right now, im in dark room pretending that I am there with her!

1.I miss you- Whenever a guy says this to me 70 percent of me believes that he may actually miss me, but the other 30 percent of me is thinking what do you really want? I just met you last FRIDAY. How in the hell do you miss me? You miss the way i look, you miss the way it looked like i cared what you had to say? WTF...Is it game or did you have nothing else to say? Do i look 14 and like I would actually care that you are trying to say sweet nothings to me.

2. Talk to you later- If I- Jasmin say that I will talk to you later, you are definately going to hear from me later. Shit, it may be 1 hour later, 20 minutes later but your gonna hear from me. Guys on the other hand will have your ass waiting around on later- tomorrow later, next week later maybe even never later. Later is not that ambiguous unless your a

3. Maybe this one should have came before Love, but I dont want to switch them. I LIKE you. This means first I want to F@#$ you and then maybe I will like you and if I dont like you im #ontothenextone. Again this is not for every guy but for the most part I believe this is true. I have two older brothers and two male best friends, And I have heard them say stuff like that.

This is my first post, I hope 20 people read it and love it. I always have so much to say so I decided that I would write about it. I am excited for this journey hope you all are ready for the ride...

Young Forever,

Miss Understood