Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's ok, We Got Time

There is no way we can escape the fact that there are so many double standards in our society. I like to believe that "Parents raise their daughters and love their sons."With this being said, Girls experience a sense of over-protection by their parents because the way parents raise their sons. It goes hand and hand, one is definitely dependent on the other. The son that gets to stay out till 3am in high school is in turn the boy my parents were trying to keep me away from. Yet my brother was one of those boys. Of course you would like to say that this is unfair, but it is what it is. From a young age, boys are always asked how MANY girlfriends do you have? So in a sense monogamy is considered a joke from the very beginning. So how does this apply to us young adults? As a female you must realize that Men want to have every experience under the sun before they choose to settle down. You may be the perfect chick for him, but the timing is all wrong. I always say "There is NO point BEFORE 30" Why? Because until this time men and women don't really know what they like, We just know what we think we would like in a potential Husband and/or wife. It is almost certain in many cases that most divorces are between couples that got married in their 20's . Why you ask? Because you are still growing and don't really know yourself. As a female we deal with or biological clock and the "I want to be married with kids before 30" thoughts. Is it wrong to have these thoughts? NO, they are normal. But what I would say is don't drive yourself nuts trying to find a husband now! I am a believer in GOD, and I know that if I am suppose to have a loving marriage with children etc. I WILL! Everything has been pre-ordained for each and every one of us, So have fun! Am I saying not to have serious relationships in your 20's? Absolutely not! Serious relationships in your 20's are a good thing and definitely a learning experience. You learn about yourself and other people only to prepare you for Mr. or Mrs. Right. So embrace dating, break-ups, and being single. Its a part of life!

Yours Truly,