Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Checking-

Song for this post: Mariah Carey- Betcha gon know

So we spend everyday together and here comes the lies--"I love you and i wanna take this to the next level". As my Lili would say "Do youuuuuuu?" I don't understand why men, boys (because they are all one in the same) feel like they have to lie in order to get what they want, if they already have it? I don't think that i will ever understand men. I mean you say one thing and you do the complete opposite so i am going to give you ladies a little opposite day translation...More to waiting on my Co-blogger Lo. Lo is on the beach chilling right now, im in dark room pretending that I am there with her!

1.I miss you- Whenever a guy says this to me 70 percent of me believes that he may actually miss me, but the other 30 percent of me is thinking what do you really want? I just met you last FRIDAY. How in the hell do you miss me? You miss the way i look, you miss the way it looked like i cared what you had to say? WTF...Is it game or did you have nothing else to say? Do i look 14 and like I would actually care that you are trying to say sweet nothings to me.

2. Talk to you later- If I- Jasmin say that I will talk to you later, you are definately going to hear from me later. Shit, it may be 1 hour later, 20 minutes later but your gonna hear from me. Guys on the other hand will have your ass waiting around on later- tomorrow later, next week later maybe even never later. Later is not that ambiguous unless your a

3. Maybe this one should have came before Love, but I dont want to switch them. I LIKE you. This means first I want to F@#$ you and then maybe I will like you and if I dont like you im #ontothenextone. Again this is not for every guy but for the most part I believe this is true. I have two older brothers and two male best friends, And I have heard them say stuff like that.

This is my first post, I hope 20 people read it and love it. I always have so much to say so I decided that I would write about it. I am excited for this journey hope you all are ready for the ride...

Young Forever,

Miss Understood