Monday, January 18, 2010

Love Jones

Nina Mosley: You always want what you want when you want it. Why is everything so urgent with you?
Darius Lovehall: Let me tell you somethin'. This here, right now, at this very moment, is all that matters to me. I love you. That's urgent like a motherfucker.

WOWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Where are the men like Darius Lovehall? Im watching Love Jones right now and all I can think about where are these black men. The black man who is interested in LOVE? Interested in chasing what they want...Is it my fault that men don't chase me? Lol, that was really a serious question. I like to think that I am a young lady who should be chased. I actually like the cat and mouse game that we play...but MOST guys I meet say that they want the chase until I present the chase. When presented with the chase, they say Im playing hard to get. Im playing hard to get because:
1. I won't sleep with you.
2. I don't always say yes.
3. You thought that you should only chase for a weekend and by Monday we'd be SEXING?

I want to meet a man who is so secure in his manhood that he has better things to think about than sex like:
1. Who am I?
2. What makes me happy?
3. What do we have in common?
4. What are my dreams and aspirations?
5. What are the small things that make me smile?

My father always says we live in a "Microwave society" we want everything now. But as a WOMAN I need a man who is interested in more than just SEX because if you sleep with me on the first date, you sleep with every other woman you meet on the first date. And Im not going out like that. Honestly, as a MAN you shouldn't want to go out like that either because if a WOMAN will sleep with you on the first date how many other men will she sleep with on the first date. I heard a woman say that Men are conquerors. And I whole-heartedly agree but wouldn't you rather be a conqueror of something you had to work for? But don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with sleeping with someone on the first date if thats where it goes (USE A CONDOM)... I think when a woman meets a man--instantly she knows if she feels a connection and she knows if its instantly all about sex or if she's about to make this man ---who is potentially gonna be her man wait for it....and wait for it....and wait for it, nope he still can't get it. I mean you get the point, when a woman likes a man- or at least when I like a man--I mean really like a man; Im talking about being completely smitten by the way that he breathes, the way that he says your name, the way your phone lights up when he calls you, the way he smiles when you walk up, the way you say his name, the way in which he's been gone for 5 hours and you can still smell him and its only been 2 weeks. Damn, I wish I could feel that way about somebody lol. When a woman feels this way and again maybe this is just me Sex is the first and last thing on her/my mind. Don't worry im about to explain: when I like a man of course I imagine what sex will be like but in my mind I know that sex will mess everything up. Sex is the demise of all things good lol, no but seriously once we sleep together I am YOUR WOMAN...LOL. And you better not sleep with me if tomorrow I aint gonna be your woman. I mean CLEARLY you have allowed me to catch all of these feelings and you are ACTING like you feel the same way (because a man can be in love with you from the time he walks into your house until the time he leaves, once he leave he may be in love with a whole new woman) The reason that sex is the last thing on my mind is because I want him to wait. I want it to be more than just sex; i want it to be as mentally stimulating as it is physically. I want this man to know if he asked me to walk to Africa with him i'd be there by his side. I want this man to make ME feel like if I need to swim to the other side of the world he'd be there as my life guard making sure i'd never drown. I really want to say that I want this man to be my husband, but I don't think that im talking about husbands talking about that POTENTIAL boyfriend who may be my HUSBAND. Should we sleep with potential husbands before marriage? Thats a whole totally different subject. lol, maybe that will be my next post.

*side note-- what the hell was Nina thinking for going out with Hollywood (bill bellamy's character)...Nina, that was so dumb. I am mad at her for the next 20 minutes in the movie...did she honestly think it was ok to date his frenemy???? She should have known when his weak ass drove up in that hearse that he was NO GOOD. Definately not better that Mr. Lovehall.

back to the scheduled program--

So my question is- is the chase over? will you chase me? and if your chasing me, how long is to long? I need answers. Should you be chasing until SEX? Im getting frustrated so i'll be back.

Forever Young,

Miss Understood