Wednesday, January 20, 2010


dear you,

all i need from you is honesty. i don't want a fancy car or fancy lies that come along with your fancy lifestyle. i don't need you to feed me a dream, i just need you to be you. if you are afraid that i won't like the you who you are when your being you than i don't like you. i don't need the fancy things in life--but i do like the fancy things in life. but from you i don't need any of it. from you i need time, i need respect, i need conversation, i need laughter, i need stability and consistency...from you i need you...i hate that we have crossed this path when everything you say to me sounds like a lie because i don't trust you. i hate that you and i became an us when we should have just stayed as separate as could be...i don't wanna hate you, i don't wanna love you. i don't want anything from you. because if you can't be you while your with me than you don't deserve for me to be me when im with you.