Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can boys and girls be friends?

I just honestly have to VENT... So this boy T* sends me a message like my girlfriend wants me to call you...Wait! What? Call me? What the hell for? Your girlfriend wants to call me because she's insecure about her position in yalls relationship? I know its random, I have not talked to this guy in like a year and then he starts skyping me and now his girlfriend is jealous. Is she jealous or trying to mark her territory? Me and T were friends for about 5 years and then he gets a girlfriend and all of our ties had to be cut off because she does not want him to have female friends. I mean seriously I am NOTORIOUS for having male best friends until they get girlfriends. Girlfriends never like me. I think its because I was there first and they feel like Women and Men can not be friends. Now let me get this straight i am no HOME WRECKER. I am strictly talking about friendships-platonic between the female and the male.

What makes a girl so insecure? I can admit to being insecure in a relationship and that is exactly why I am single. I don't want to have to look through your phone every time you leave out the room. I'm so over that. I'm so over wondering why you have to walk out the room to answer this phone call when you have never left the room before. I am over wondering if when you say your gonna be with the boys, that your really with a girl.. At this point in my life I feel like if a man makes me feel like I have to snoop through his phone he really isn't my man. More than likely he is someone else's man. I've been in a situation when I thought someone was my man and he was also every other girls man.

I feel like guys and girls can be friends. Simply, because I have two very close male friends and I've never wanted more than friendship from them. I feel like my male friends are such ass holes to the girls that they date that I'd rather be the home girl than the "girl" any day. Ive seen one girl be stationary at the house for a week and then as soon as she leaves another girl is there getting the same attention the last girl was getting. Home girl please believe I don't want your man. but the young lady in me knows I can't take anything that belongs to you. But I don't even want anyone else's man, when God places a man in my life I want him to be MINE and All MINE. And if he has female friends from previous years I can't be mad.

Rules of the girl
best friend!

1. Girl best friends have to be from way back when, he can't meet her the same day he met his current girlfriend and call her his best friend. It just won't work. That means she was option #2.

2. As a girl best friend you can not walk around like b@#$h I'm his woman--because clearly you are not. You are his best friend.. (signs that you are more than a friend to come shortly), you have to be respectful, because as the new girlfriend she does not really know what your position is. I wouldn't say go out your way to make her feel comfortable but don't go out your way to make her feel uncomfortable.

3. As a girl best friend I would not say become best friends with the new girlfriend. Because this situation will be tricky; she will think you have loyalty to her but your loyalty is to your best friend.

4. Do not. I repeat, do not fall in love with your boy best friend. The girl who falls in love is the girl who ruins it forever. You and him will never be friends like before; I have no explanation just don't do it!!!

More to come...

Forever Young,

Miss Understood