Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Finally, Lo wrote a post!

But anyway.

Have you ever seen someone, and been so intrigued by the way they look that you didn't want to get to know them, for fear that they might not even be who you thought they would be. Some people don't understand what I mean by that. But to me its so clear. I like the way you look, I like the way you smile. I don't want this to be more than that because what if its not genuine. What if your smile is fake and your pain was real? What if your look was a small piece of who you weren't? I don't want to get to know you because I just want to look at you. Its like a fine piece of jewelry. it can be so beautiful, but its just not your style. What happens when we go beyond just looking and I realize that I don't like anything about you. I think thats why I like guys who are a little bit rough around the edges. I don't know what to expect... Being that I am 20 now (and im so mature) I look for different attributes in a guy. Well technically -I don't look for guys- but you know what I mean.

1. I like a Man who makes me feel beautiful
2. Someone who makes me laugh
3. Someone who gives me a new outlook
4. Someone who inspires me
5. Someone who is exactly who they say they are