Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 Reasons

#NowPlaying- Obsessed- Mariah Carey ft Gucci Mane

So there is this guy who's been pressing OD I gave him a chance these are the top 10 reasons to how I know I DO NOT like him...

1. I was on twitter/facebook/blogs and texting the whole time
2. I asked to go home 20 minutes into being around him...and I feel like he just ignored me
3. I just was REPULSED by his touch...
4. The fact that I actually held a 3o minute conversation with my sister
5. I answered my phone EVERYTIME it rang
6. I didn't leave out of his room to meet his he kept asking me to come out there
7. I was thinking about someone else, the WHOLE entire time
8. I was a bitch the entire time
9. I just don't like him
10. Like seriously, im not ever gonna entertain to him

pss..i HATE his shoe game...WACK
psss.... do NOT ever PITY date are PLAYING yourself....