Wednesday, June 2, 2010

when your phone doesn't ring

usually, if it does not ring--it's off? right?
Nope, he just isn't calling.

1. he is not calling because he is with his real girl friend.
2. he's busy?
3. he aint shit.
4. he really may be busy.
5. he doesn't want to sweat you
6. his phone has been going straight to Vmail all day
7. but why in the hell is your phone going to voicemail, when you carry a have a car what the f!@#!. Clearly something is fishy about the situation. This is what im finding out.

I trust people to soon. To me it makes sense that I trust you from the moment I meet you until you prove me wrong but clearly guys make that shit hard to do. Im learning from guys 20 and up that they need to earn your trust, they can't just receive your trust. Because from the beginning some guys just lie. They lie about simple things...

Exhibit A. "I do have a girlfriend, but we are breaking up."
Exhibit B. "I'll be right back."
Exhibit C. "That is my bestfriend."
Exhibit D. "This is my car."
And my personal favorite... "I really like you, your the only one for me." or how about this one "Im gonna leave her as soon as you and I make it official."
Negroe Please.
I vowed that I would never mess with someone else's "boyfriend". but someone else's "boyfriend" is clearly a liar. so my question is Fellas, if you have a girlfriend why would you lie and say that you don't have a girlfriend? Is it to make me feel better, because honestly I could give a f!@# less until you got my feelings involved. So, you have a girlfriend and yet you are asking me, (Innocent ol' me) to be your girlfriend. #wheretheydothatat. I think men should have to attend some type of honesty while dating workshop. or maybe the police should give out LWD's or LWB's (Lying while dating or lying while boyfriending) because all these Negros be fibbing.

So now, my statement is- There is something wrong with me.
and my question is- What is wrong with me? lol. but im serious. im clearly attracting ASS WHOLES.