Tuesday, June 15, 2010


is it to much;
If I want to be happy?
If I want to be with you all day?
If I want to be happy with you? All day and allllllllllllll night?
Speaking of wanting to be with someone all day... When is it appropriate to live with your significant other? As you get older your feelings change, everything changes...being with one man can make you just want to be with him, just want to stay in the house and lay up...hang your club dresses up for 'I'm with him' dresses...I don't feel like this- I'm just saying :-)...I can understand how when a relationship is new every moment apart is more like a leap year. I think relationships are hard because no one realizes how much work goes into making it work. In my mind and maybe yours as well it goes kinda like this:
Guy: damn, who is that?
Girl: he could possibly be my next boyfriend...
And in this instance they don't know each other but it is apparent that they've noticed one another...and upon noticing the guy approaches the girl...and here's the conversation:

Guy: you look beautiful, I was wondering if I could call you sometimes
Translation: your fine and hopefully you let me call you so one day I can wake up next to you.
Girl: thank you. What's your name? And all other small talk...
Translation: although I was just looking at you...let me find out what your all about...

I say this to say that conversation to a woman is very important. From the moment I see you I can decide whether or not I'm sexually attracted to you and I honestly can say that I know if its a 'go' or a 'no'...but with conversation...my mind can be altered...if your conversation is all that and I'm feeling you my 'no' can turn into a maybe...and then a yes...
I'm no expert in men, but I think conversation falls into the latter with them...its all about the right now...but in my mind I'm ready to put the club dresses up if it means I gain so much more...as a woman I know that I am picky but I also know that I am a great compromiser...because sometimes that's what it all boils down to. If the guy I'm interested in meets 88% of my qualifications; I promise I won't be searching for a guy who can fill the rest of that void. But-and again, this is just my oppinion guys want 100%. So they are willing to date 10 different women who each offer him the 10% of what he likes...men and women are just so different. the minor details to a woman mean nothing to a man because he doesn't feel the need to pay attention. What I will try not to do is settle. I think thats one thing I can admire about men instead of settling for just one women they attempt to go and find everything they are looking for. I think while dating it is okay to date multiple women or men who make you happy; but when it comes to relationships one person should suffice.

what do you think are the major differences between men and women?