Wednesday, June 2, 2010

so you said

yesterday I posted a blog. VENTING.
i took it down because those feelings i felt yesterday or that day, i should never give any person the power to alter my mood or change my writing. i won't write a blog cursing about a man because for every man who makes me upset, God-willing there will be another man who makes me smile.
im not usually the type to bash men, but im not the type to get played.
i guess nobody is the type to get played...but whenever it does happen to me I go back and reevaluate everything I did. but this time I can't say what I did wrong. but I can say that nobody deserves to be lied to. I can not stand a liar...why say you will, when you won't. why would you say that you can, but you WON'T. I don't understand. I guess there are alot of things I will never understand.
i won't understand boys who call themselves men
i don't understand your lies when you keep calling them truths