Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fake It Till You Make It....YOU and Him

Everytime that I admit to myself that I may actually be in love, I end up getting my heart broken. So I just pretend because after all I am a great girlfriend. And acting like a great girlfriend means giving your all. I wish I could be legitmate so that every part of me is there when we're intimate. YOU have not a clue. Its a shame because you're probably my biggest fan. Always there and down for whatever doing anything possible to make things better. Its not that I don't want to let YOU in but my heart says make HIM just a friend. Time is suppose to heal all wounds I guess my hearts stored in a capsule. His departure rocked my soul, so much shit HE left untold. But look at me, a hypocrite failed to even mention YOU. Mention the fact that I still think about him or that sometimes I wish he wasn't a has been. Love is about meeting your partner half way I've been in route for quite some time now but you're already there..waiting. Why?

it matters