Monday, June 7, 2010


Im finding out in life you have to make yourself happy, because your happiness is not determined by someone else but in yourself. A lot of people can contribute to your happiness but it has to be about you. When you find happiness in a man, you can not depend on this happiness. the only thing you can depend on is instability. Take time to find out who you really are, because while dating sometimes you can lose yourself trying to please others.

1. be the person that you want others to be; attract people to you who can be positive and loving
2. spend time getting to know yourself
3. don't give every person the power to change you
4. speak affirmative actions into your life
5. believe that you deserve to be happy
6. look in the mirror and smile; because someway, somehow your life is Good
7. thank God for your many blessings, thank God for your failures
8. don't be afraid to do anything
9. try to forgive people for the pain they put you through
10. bury the things that hurt you in the past, because as long as they exist in your mind they still affect you