Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I don't know

So I just decided that I am Single...Again. I suck at being a girlfriend.

Why do girls like guys that pay them no mind and vice versa?

How do you recover from being a love-aholic?
*i am not a love-aholic...i like to use and abuse men for what they are for.....i kid.... :-)

There is this guy, he is the hottest in the streets...and thats why he can't be my guy.

If you know somebody who is on that bullsh!@ tell them to stop. It's annoying.
If you call me and I miss your call...im probably not ignoring you.
If you call me and I miss your call constantly Negro I don't want to talk to you.
Fab said it best, "cause if you aint getting money when you call you get the beeep
she can’t pick up the phone, your broke ass should leave a message
and my guess is, if she never call well you get the message
you like whaaaat, you can’t call nobody
I’ve been trying to find you like Waldo shawty"

Ha that is dedicated to all the wack fools calling my phone*...you sooooo wack...