Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are you a man basher?

when a guy makes you cry, do you believe that every man who you meet afterwards will make you cry? will these be tears of joy and love or will they be tears of heartache and abandonment?
A lot of times when my girlfriends and I discuss heartaches I really start thinking about every guy who has hurt me...I start thinking that maybe all guys 'aint' shit...I absolutely hate to see a girl friend of mine hurt or sad...I see all the great qualities in the women around me and I always wonder what kind of jerk would treat these beautiful women like this or like that. But then I realize most of these guys are not even jerks...and thats when we (ladies) get together and we talk about how 'guys aint shit' because no matter if they are short or tall, fat or skinny, smart or dumb, rich or poor...they somehow manage to leave a trail of broken hearts behind them. I believe that heart break is inevitable but I also believe that love is inevitable as well. Recently, when I was hurt I talked so much shit about this guy to make myself feel better but deep down inside I can honestly say that he is a great guy and I can honestly say that about my ex-boyfriend as well; but when a new guy hurts me I compare it to the time I was hurt before and I think damn "same movie, just different characters..." As women we don't know why guys do the things they do or why we allow them to drive us to do some of the crazy shit we do...we just know that it happens...
so my question is 'do you man bash?'
I honestly think I allow my 'potentials' to start from scratch. I don't carry on the baggage from past relationships to current ones even though it is hard not to compare heartache to heartache.
and if you do, does it mean that you have been hurt so much before that it is hard for you to appreciate a good man..?