Sunday, March 7, 2010

Textual Abuse

This is the big unpredictable

I want to post these text messages. I promise you, that I do, but I won't. So the other night this boy who WAS my "FRIEND" went OFF via text message. I guess I am in the wrong for this situation. I guess that I prolonged the situation but I VERBALLY kept telling him that WE were just friends and nothing more. We were not friends with the option to grow, but I did say lets just go with the flow...wherever this friendship takes us than thats where we go. It was easy for me to say this BECAUSE I knew there was nowhere that he and I could go....maybe my actions were confusing because I can hang out with guys and not like them unless I like them (if that makes sense). Maybe he was confused because I said I just wanna be friends but to him it sounded like I want you to feel like WE are an US, when we have never really even been a we...I mean if I didn't like you before I definately dont like you now that you textually abused me. So i'll give a brief synopsis of his textually abusive conversation "you are don't deserve deserve all the bullshit that you get..." now if thats not abuse I don't know what the hell is. Intense. I mean this post is not to talk about him in any negative light. Because honestly, I believe that he is a good guy...actually a really great guy but im not a great girl for him. Im not a great girl for him because we just don't have IT. and to ME it is very weird for a guy to be so vocal about their disdain for me...I mean I can appreciate honesty but there is a fine line. I think that I should come with a warning like "you may like me BUT I am no good for you, unless I like you back." and again I have to admit the things that I did wrong but he has to realize that you can not make any one like you, and if you have to make someone like you then they don't deserve you. I can list 20 great qualities about him but I can also list things that guys NOT HIM should not do.

1. Never ever ask a girl about the other guy she talks to, especially if your interested in her.
a. it is very uncomfortable
b. it makes you look weak, what kinda man ask about another grown ass man
c. i think it's jealousy and/or insecurity...i mean you may say it's not... but it clearly is...why you wanna know what this man is doing
d. i need a CONFIDENT MAN...not a bitch
e. bitches ask about bitches ...point. blank. period.
f. don't ask a girl when was the last time she slept with the dude she REALLY talks to...WEAK

2. don't try and make her your girl when all she wants to be is your friend
3. don't confuse flirtatious behavior, just don't
4. don't make it awkward