Thursday, March 4, 2010


Im stuck in a place and I don’t know where im going. I don’t know where im going because I have yet to ask questions..I have yet to ask what is this?? But now its to late. I have let so much time pass by without asking “what is this” that it is just to late. And personally I don’t wanna hear the wrong answer. I don’t wanna jinx what we don’t have and double jinx what we do...

Time to ask questions:

Is it possible to be mentally stimulated by someone but feel no sexual connection?

Is it possible to be physically stimulated and tempted by someone but have no mental stimulation?

Is it time to ask where do I stand? Or is it to late?

Should I ask questions that I KNOW will never be answered?

Should I put myself out there knowing there is nothing to gain?

Is it ok to not know anything?

Have you ever wanted something that you wish you didn’t want?

Ever needed something, you knew you wouldn’t get?

I guess that would be a want but must things you think you need, are things that you really want