Monday, December 27, 2010

Am I really that bad?

Men like women who are unavailable. Even in relationships. I am always available. So that equates that my man gets annoyed by me frequently.
So I guess here is where I admit my flaws: I am that girlfriend who calls and text all day and it is solely because I have no one else to call and text all day. 
I love my boyfriend but maybe I need other things to do. Like read a book. Write on the blog more...I don't know. 
I need to figure out how to have my own life. smh 

the trending topic on twitter is #iprefer and I generally I don't participate in shit like that so I wont participate on twitter but I will on this blog

#iprefer you over anything in the world
#iprefer to not be ignored; just respond
#iprefer loving you
#iprefer making love to you
#iprefer you being my bestfriend, my homie, lover and friend. 
#iprefer us
#iprefer talking it out, over fighting