Sunday, April 4, 2010


Even though I like you, I wont allow you to get the best of me!

Today someone asked me, what’s my favorite quote and I didn’t hesitate I said “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”. To me this quote sums up the relationship between people. This is the segue into my mind. I knew it was over before it began; the whole time Im doing this for me. Im talking about a guy…this guy is boy A. Me and boy A have been doing this thing…I wouldn’t call it talking, I wouldn’t call it dating…I would just call it a thing. This thing just got extremely strange.

I think im the reason that relationships don’t work out…I give too much in the beginning and I just do it because Im just a giving person. I treat every guy I DATE, and I mean date like a boyfriend even if I don’t want them to be my boyfriend; and what ive realized is that everyone doesn’t deserve the best of me (that means friends as well). I don’t mean I should be a bitch and give you nothing but I mean not everyone deserves to get the best of me. by the best of me, I mean not everyone deserves the treatment that I would give my potential boyfriend because then he expects the world when he’s just giving me Washington DC. And as I get older I understand what my daddy used to say….”don’t give major time to minor folks” every nigga (and I use the term loosely)does not deserve a woman to wash his clothes, cook for him and help him. i digress there are some amazing men. AMAZING but there are also some boys in men clothing. Pretending that they deserve a woman who will help to make them better but in actuality they are not prepared to handle such a woman…