Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Endless love

Just think, what exactly does endless mean? Forever, with no exceptions?
But doesn't every situation have an exception? Or shouldn't it?
My journey to love has been a journey, filled with amazing ups and some low-lows.
But I won't go.
I feel like we, I mean I feel like I have been through so much with this love that I cant imagine quitting on it right now.
How could I quit on something that has made me happy, blissfully happy for almost a year now.?
But how can I love someone who loves someone else?
I mean you know they love you, but some part of them still loves HER.
I understand, you never had time to finish or get over it.
but why drag me and leave me?
why create a world, with living together and joint everything...only to leave me for her again.
It is actually embarrassing when I sit and think about all we've been through
and sometimes I ask, what am I gaining?
Did I gain a love, only to lose it?

As women, do we fall in love to be in love?
are we tired of being single, that we just enjoy the companionship?
 do we settle because we feel like maybe I could change you, maybe I could make you love me how I need to be loved
or maybe we start off and we see all the signs but we ignore, we ignore them because sometimes the wrong thing almost always feel like it's the right thing.
or maybe he does everything right, he just has a thing for other bitches sometimes...
maybe he's perfect, maybe he does everything right, maybe he loves you too good
maybe you should have met him in another lifetime
maybe we could be, when we were just we
maybe i'll lose you the way I got you
maybe we'll work out
maybe I shouldn't love you so much
maybe I should love you this much
maybe we're forever

hopefully, we'll be forever
all i wanted was your love
all i ever need was your love

don't ask for much

just need someone who wants to be with me and only me.