Monday, January 31, 2011

What you won't stand for, but you do anyway...

being that no one reads my blog but myself, its actually like a personal diary. 
i hate that i know shit and i never have the balls to say it
i hate baby mommas
i dont wanna say i hate baby mommas because someones gonna think im talking about dres baby mama and im not
but i swear that i will never be a baby momma i will only be a wife
i changed my number
i miss my old number
i can write to vent my feelings because its the only outlet i have
my life is an open book basically because i dont have one
my whole life besides my school life revolves around a nigga
and who knows what he is doing
atleast i can admit it
im not ashamed
even if he is a cheater, id leave before i ever cheated
its just not for me
im completely satisfied 
even if i give give give
but you know the story
maybe someone will read this and say
"she is dumb"
but think what you want
its my life and i can make all the mistakes i want